Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Charlie Sheen? Still A Sex Machine? Let's Hope!

Ten Things I Would Like To Do With Charlie Sheen
10. Have a swimsuit wrestling contest in a pool of KY Warming Gel to see who can get who naked first.
9. Have a scavenger hunt with maps and clues to the whereabouts of something the brave at heart shouldn't see.
8. Play the What Did I Just Spank You With game.
7. Dress up like Little Red Robin Hood and the big bad wolf, while playing hide and go seek while he hunts for my picnic basket. No pun intent ed.
6. Have a water gun fight with cold water.
5. Squirt him in the face with strawberry sauce and watch him get mad.
4. Put honey on his neck and lick it off.
3. Handcuff him to a bed and force him to watch all of Rosie's blog, and then listen to Al Gore's Book on tape.
2. Teach him how to do the "helicopter."
1. Naked Twister....